Northern Bobwhite Quail - Fall Flyers For Sale

Northern Bobwhite Wisconsin QuailWe specialize in one thing: Northern Bobwhite Quail. Raising top quality quail to meet the needs of our customers is our passion and we do it well.

Our quail are raised under NPIP guidelines in off-the-ground, raised flight pens. Our adult quail are ideal for fall training and field trial purposes. They are flying beautifully with nice size and full body structure. We are fully licensed through the Wisconsin Dept of Natural Resources.

Location: Westboro, WI

If you are interested in purchasing quail, please contact us with your desired quantity and what age you wish to take/receive them. We have SOLD OUT of our quail for the 2014 season. This is due in part to poor hatching rates in the cold spring weather and increased business. If you are intersted in quail for 2015, please let us know and we can plan to meet your needs by ordering more chicks. It takes about five months to plan and grow your birds, so please don't wait to contact us.

Northern Bobwhite Quail Pricing:


SOLD OUT for the 2014 season

(must take 100)
08/03/14 10 $4.05 -$0.10 $3.95
08/10/14 11 $4.30 -$0.10 $4.20
08/17/14 12 $4.55 -$0.10 $4.45
08/24/14 13 $4.80 -$0.10 $4.70
08/31/14 (adult) 14 $5.05 -$0.10 $4.95
09/15/14 16 $5.17 -$0.10 $5.07
09/30/14 18 $5.42 -$0.10 $5.32
10/15/14 20 $5.54 -$0.10 $5.44
$5.79 -$0.10 $5.69
$5.91 -$0.10 $5.81
$6.16 -$0.10 $6.06
$6.28 -$0.10 $6.18
$6.53 -$0.10 $6.43

Sales tax 5.5% is additional. Live-bird transport boxes are available for $3.00 each. Contact us about young birds after June 1st.

Wisconsin Quail Chicks Two-Weeks OldMake Your Payment Online

Quail Deposit or Payment Amount

Contact Us

Phone: 715 - 427 - 1002


Recent Customer Testimonial

"I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that the quail worked out great! They were the nicest flying quail we've ever hunted and I look forward to getting some more from you. Thank you again." - Mike, Rauch Farms, September 11, 2013


Wisconsin Quail works in cooperation with Krug's Northwoods Game Birds, Inc. If you have already placed an order with Krug's, your order can be delivered on the same load if you let us know one week in advance. Visit for more information on purchasing day-old chicks and fall flyers. They raise a variety of pheasants and also chuckars.

More Information

Transport Boxes: Used, dirty boxes, cages or crates will NOT be allowed on the farm or in our pens for pick-ups. We have new boxes on hand for a small fee of $3.00 (holds 25 adults) or we can transfer quail from our crates to your crates in/on your vehicle at the time of pickup. This is to ensure that harmful, detrimental illnesses are not transferred to our farm and our healthy quail. This is called bio-security and is extremely important.

Delivery: will deliver to you any order of 150 quail or more for a fee based on miles and this minimum purchase. Also note, if you have already placed a pheasant or chukar order with Krug's Northwoods, your order can be delivered on the same load if you let us know one-week in advance.

Wisconsin Quail is located in Westboro, WisconsinOur Location: Our farm is located in the heart of Northern Wisconsin. We are approximately 15 miles north of Medford, Wisconsin and only a few miles off of State Highway 13. Please contact us for detailed directions. Warning - your GPS will take you on unnecessary gravel back roads. So unless you want to take the scenic route, please call 715-427-1002 for directions.

Deposit on Orders for 2014/2015: If you wish to secure your birds for 2014 or spring 2015, please let us know. Planning ahead is much easier for us and can save you money as well. Any pre-placed order requires a deposit of $1.00 per bird prior to hatching to cover our expenses in the event that you do not take your birds as planned. Over-wintering of adults quail requires a deposit of HALF DOWN. Your deposit will be credited on your final shipment of birds. You can make your payment online using direct debit or credit card through PayPal.

Quail Chicks and Eggs: does NOT sell Northern Bobwhite Quail chicks or eggs at this time. We do sell started birds beginning at 8 weeks of age when the quail no longer require a heated brooder setting. It is best to wait until 14 weeks to ensure safe travelling. Adolescent quail do not travel well and often do not recover from the stress of moving from one facility to another. Please inquire for additional information and pricing on started birds. If you need day-old quail, we encourage you to contact Susie or Jenny at Krug's Northwoods Game Birds, Inc. We obtain our eggs, and highly recommend Malloy Gamebirds for bobwhite quail eggs.

Industry Affiliates

We work with a number of hunting trial/field testing groups, dog training facilities, game bird farms, shoot preserves and suppliers. Here is a list of a few we personally recommend:

Krug's Northwoods Game Birds, Inc.
Local Family-Owned Game Bird Hatchery
Call Jenny or Susie for all your game bird needs!!
715-785-7836 | Medford, Wisconsin

Malloy Game Birds
Quail, Pheasant and Chukar
Supplier of chicks.
641-485-9053 | State Center, Iowa

North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association NAVDHA
(North Central Wisconsin Chapter)
715-457-2444 | Check our their website for testing locations

Fly-N-Gun Kennels
State-of-the-Art Canine and Owner Educational Facility
Top Gun Championship Sponsors
715-669-3303 | Thorp, Wisconsin

Northwind Setters
Grouse Dog Training Facility and More. Skip and Ann are really great people to work with!
715-264-2160 | Glidden, Wisconsin

Rauch Farms
Unique, Privately-Owned Hunting Preserve
715-257-4377 | Neillsville, Wisconsin

Dog Training and Field Trials

Bird Dog Training and Field Testing: We sell a large number of our birds to dog training facilities for day-to-day use, field testing, dog trials, etc. We have recall pens available if you would like to utilize the quail's natural instinct to return to their group following the flush. This not only gives you the opportunity to use the same bird several times, it will save you more money on your already economical game bird purchase.

Please review your states dog training rules and regulations before engaging in such activities with your quail purchased at We are fully licensed through the Wisconsin Dept of Natural Resources and we report our sales annually. Below is a brief overview, but there is much more to know. Please review the WiDNR document titled: Wisconsin Dog Training and Trialing Regulations PUB-WM-444 2007

Bird Dog Training $25.00

A bird dog training license allows you to purchase, possess, release into the wild, hunt and use approved species for dog training purposes only. This license does not authorize commercial shoots or organized hunts or the selling, breeding, or propagation of captive wild birds. Bird dog training licenses are not required on licensed bird hunting preserves or licensed dog club training properties. A bird dog training license allows you to possess and use the following species for dog training purposes: captive-bred bobwhite and other species of quail of the subfamily odontophorinae, gray partridge, chukar partridge, red-legged partridge, mallard duck, ring-necked and reeves pheasants.

Location. Train only on the properties identified and approved on the license.

Captive wild bird identification. A. All bobwhite quail, pheasants and gray partridge used for dog training to be released and killed under the authority of a dog training license shall, prior to release, be tagged around the leg with a bird dog training leg band supplied by the department.

Bird Dog Trial License $25.00

A bird dog trial license authorizes the licensee and participants to engage in an organized competitive field event that involves sporting dog breeds and that is sanctioned, licensed or recognized by a local, state, regional or national dog organization. This license does not authorize commercial shoots involving any of the authorized species or the selling, breeding or propagation of bobwhite quail or mallard ducks. Bird dog trial licenses are not needed on bird hunting preserves licensed for the use of the same species.

A bird dog trial license allows you to purchase, possess and use the following species for dog trialing purposes: captive-bred bobwhite and other quail of the subfamily odontophorinae, gray partridge, chukar partridge, red-legged partridge, mallard duck, ring-necked and reeves pheasants. Download the DNR document here.